What Is Air Fibre?

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The UNET Air Fibre Difference

Traditionally, ISPs will connect your internet via a cable, wire, or satellite service.  This would then need to be fed through a nearby exchange (or land station for satellite), which means that there would need to be a pit or pole nearby to connect to – daisy changing you into a network where your service would be shared with all the other people in your neighbourhood. 

UNET Air Fibre utilities a completely new RF technology where you connect to one of our nearby Base Stations via a single mount directional antenna on your home or business.  Each Base Station had a dedicated fibre backhaul into our Private Cloud Server Network (PCSN) meaning you get the best possible connection and throughput without lag or latency….and most importantly…no messy wires, cables or dishes!

Spectral Efficiency Breakthrough

UNET Air Fibre leverages the most efficient use of a licensed-band spectrum – a vital attribute in increasingly crowded RF environments. By employing a unique dual-antenna design and proprietary self-interference cancellation algorithms, UNET Air Fibre extracts more usable channels out of the available spectrum than any other comparable system in the market.

UNET Air Fibre’s built-in configuration tool guides the selection of RF channel bandwidths, power transmission, and other parameters to minimise interference potential and optimise data throughput.


All signals are transmitted wirelessly via millimetre waves which can’t be easily disrupted by things such as weather conditions or other electronic frequencies like smartphones and televisions.

One Simple Point Of Connect:

Ultrafast Wireless Connection

We've done away with the messy cables and wires. One simple installation setup and all your devices are connected with our wireless Air Fibre technology.

Comprehensive Coverage Area

Because of our innovative Air Fibre infrastructure, we're able to reach areas that traditional ISPs can't. Better still, we're able to offer a faster and more affordable connection than the bigger players!

Secure & Advanced Technology

With our extensive background in IT Managed Services and Cyber Security, UNET Air Fibre offers an enterprise-level of protection for your home or business internet connection.


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Dual-Band Technology

UNET’s Air Fibre Router contains an innovative super antenna providing wide-area coverage beyond regular Wi-Fi access points. The cube’s attractive design means it can be positioned anywhere in the room, improving Wi-Fi performance.