UNET Air Fibre Packages

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U Deserve Better Internet!

UNET Air Fiber is the most innovative internet solutions provider in the market. 100% reliable and easy to install with pricing starting at $39.99/month, we’re making high-speed internet affordable.


Basic Plan


Average Evening Download Speeds

For smaller households where basic internet surfing and SD TV streaming is adequate

$39.99 /mo

Plus Plan


Average Evening Download Speeds

For busier homes where working-from-home (WFH) or HD TV streaming is required

$59.99 /mo

Premium Plan


Average Evening Download Speeds

For larger families or busy professionals who need video conferencing & 4K TV streaming

$89.99 /mo


Latest WiFi Router With

Dual-Band Technology

UNET’s Air Fibre Router contains an innovative super antenna providing wide-area coverage beyond regular Wi-Fi access points. The cube’s attractive design means it can be positioned anywhere in the room, improving Wi-Fi performance.

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