About UNET

About UNET Air Fibre

We're on a mission to revolutionise the internet with a new, faster network.

UNET Air Fibre is a brand new, super-fast and more reliable internet service that transmits data packets using long-range air fibre. UNET Air Fibre has a high-capacity data throughput, so you can stream movies in 4K resolution or download your favourite TV show at breakneck speeds.

Our infrastructure doesn’t rely upon traditional copper wiring or cable networks. Instead, it’s based on the latest fibre optic technology which is faster and more secure.

Woman working from home using laptop
Ultrafast Wireless Connection

We've done away with the messy cables and wires. One simple installation setup and all your devices are connected with our wireless Air Fibre technology.

Comprehensive Coverage Area

Because of our innovative Air Fibre infrastructure, we're able to reach areas that traditional ISPs can't. Better still, we're able to offer a faster and more affordable connection than the bigger players!

Secure & Advanced Technology

With our extensive background in IT Managed Services and Cyber Security, UNET Air Fibre offers an enterprise-level of protection for your home or business internet connection.


What clients say about us

One of the most common questions we get is about our client satisfaction. Here’s what some of them have to say:

The quality of the service is great and the price is affordable. It amazes me how much data I can get for a low monthly fee!

Morgan Trustin


I’ve been using UNET Air Fibre for the past few months now… They provide great customer service, plus they’re reliable and affordable!

Natacha Sulivan


UNET Air Fibre is the best internet provider I’ve used. It’s been super reliable and it’s fast enough to stream movies in a snap.

Edward Gordon


Plans & Pricing

U Deserve Better Internet!

UNET Air Fiber is the most innovative internet solutions provider in the market. 100% reliable and easy to install with pricing starting at $39.99/month, we’re making high-speed internet simple & affordable.

Basic Plan


Average Evening Download Speeds

For smaller households where basic internet surfing and SD TV streaming is adequate

$39.99 /mo

Plus Plan


Average Evening Download Speeds

For busier homes where working-from-home (WFH) or HD TV streaming is required

$59.99 /mo

Premium Plan


Average Evening Download Speeds

For larger families or busy professionals who need video conferencing & 4K TV streaming

$89.99 /mo