Coverage Area

Coverage Area

Check your coverage area for UNET Air Fibre

We’re currently rolling out UNET Air Fibre throughout Greater Brisbane & the Gold Coast.  We’re constantly growing our service and our footprint is expanding rapidly.

Find out how you can receive superfast wireless broadband in your home or business.

How do I know if I have UNET Signal Coverage?

UNET is currently rolling out over the Greater Brisbane & Gold Coast regions.  Contact us to find out if we cover your area.


Our security is enterprise-grade meaning your safe to browse in the knowledge that our cyber-infrastructure has you covered.


With up to 100 megabyte per second download and upload speeds, even the most demanding applications are handled effortlessly.


Best-in-class backhaul and modem infrastructure.  With UNET Air Fibre you can reach speeds up to 5x faster than the NBN

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