Dedicated Business Fibre Link

Enterprise-Grade Internet

Speed & reliability with a dedicated fibre link for your company

Internet speed is king and it takes priority. A fast, reliable connection for your business – that’s what UNET offers you. Our business fibre link gives your internet a dedicated line straight to our servers with absolutely no chance of downtime or lag time.

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With a dedicated link for your company, you’ll have access to speeds that put 5G to shame!

Incredible Security & Speed

UNET’s Dedicated Link offers business-grade internet with speeds up to 1Gbps coupled with security provided by patented military-grade encryption for the most seamless connection possible.

Ultrafast Fibre Connection

With an enterprise fibre connection to your office, you won't have any problems with uneven uploads and downloads. Just a steady, fast & reliable service.

Comprehensive Coverage Area

UNET Air Fibre brings the benefits of high-speed broadband network to more people, with a wider range of choices to match their needs and budgets.

Advanced WPAS 2.0 security

Our encrypted end-to-end service offers ultimate security. Maintaining the safety of your buildings, staff and equipment is vital to your business.